Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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Brookings Job Service Office

Other Community Resources

Brookings Area Transit Authority"
Phone: 605.692.2222

Brookings Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 605.692.6125

Brookings County
Phone: 605.696.8205

Brookings County Food Pantry
Phone: 605.692.5007

Brookings County Sheriff                                     
Phone: 605.696.8300 (or 9-1-1)

Brookings Domestic Abuse Shelter
Phone: 605.692.7233

Brookings Economic Development                     
Phone: 605.697.8103

Brookings Housing
Phone: 605.692.1670

Brookings Police Department
Phone: 605.692.2113 (or 911)

City of Brookings                                                    
Phone: 605.692.6281

Department of Social Services
Phone: 605.688.4330

Live In Brookings
Phone: 605.697.8103


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