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Division of Insurance - Temporary Producer License Information

Temporary Insurance Producer Licenses

Bulletin 20-03

How to Apply for a Temporary Resident Producer License

Applicants applying for a Temporary Resident Producer License must submit the following either online or by mail:

  1. A completed Temporary Resident Producer Application;
  2. A completed Responsible Licensed Producer Form designating the South Dakota resident licensed producer responsible for the applicant's activities during the temporary license period;
  3. A copy of the applicant's valid, acceptable identification;
  4. Any additional information required by the application questions; and
  5. Payment for all applicable fees.

All applications received will be reviewed manually prior to approval. 

* To expedite the temporary licensing process when presenting by mail, an applicant should mail the items listed above in one packet to:

SD Division of Insurance
Attention: Temporary Insurance Producer Licensing
124 South Euclid Avenue, 2nd Floor
Pierre, SD 57501

Responsible Licensed Producer of a Temporary Licensed Producer

A temporary licensed applicant must have a South Dakota licensed producer in good standing with the Division of Insurance willing to acknowledge and certify the following items on the Responsible Licensed Producer form:

  1. Have knowledge and understanding of the insurance laws and regulations of the State of South Dakota and is in current compliance with the same.
  2. Believe the applicant is qualified and knowledgeable to obtain a temporary producer license.
  3. Have the ability to oversee the applicant's insurance related compliance for the duration of the applicant's temporary insurance producer license.
  4. Accept responsibility for the regulatory compliance of the applicant regarding the insurance laws and regulations of this State for the duration of the applicant's temporary licensure.
  5. Upon request, immediately provide any information regarding the applicant's insurance-related activities to the Division.
  6. Acknowledge that any violation by the applicant during the temporary license period can result in administrative action against the designated Responsible Licensed Producer up to, and including, civil penalties or license revocation.
  7. Review the applicant's application for temporary insurance licensure and certify all the information submitted in the application and attachments are true and complete, and acknowledge that submitting false information or omitting pertinent or material information in connection with an application is grounds for license revocation or other penalties.

Temporary Producer Appointments

Once licensed, companies may submit a Temporary Producer Appointment Form to appoint temporary insurance producers using the hard copy form on this page and remitting the applicable fee(s).


Temporary Insurance Producer License Application

Responsible Licensed Producer Form

Insurer Appointment Form - Temporary Producers


FAQs for Temporary Insurance Producers and Responsible Licensed Producers


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