Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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Division of Insurance

Discount Medical Plan Organizations (DMPO)

A discount medical plan organization is an entity that, in exchange for fees, dues, charges, or other consideration, provides access for discount medical plan members to providers of medical or ancillary services and the right to receive medical or specialty services from those providers at a discount. It is the organization that contracts with providers, provider networks or other discount medical plans organizations to offer access to medical or specialty services at a discount and determines the charge to discount medical plan members.

Registered Discount Medical Plan Organizations

DMPO License Application Information

Discount Medical Plan Organizations are required to submit license applications using the Discount Medical Plan Organization Application. In addition, the DMPO Surety Bond Form is required to be completed and provided to the South Dakota Division of Insurance.

Additional Information on DMPO Surety Bond Form or Submission of Depository Information

For questions about the DMPO Application, contact the South Dakota Division of Insurance. If contacting by email, please enter DMPO Application in the subject line.

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