Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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Division of Human Rights



The publications available below are in Adobe PDF format.

Avoiding Discrimination - a general guide for employers

Guide for Attorneys - a general guide for attorneys representing charging parties or respondents

Guide for Respondent - a general guide for those responding to a charge of discrimination

Guide to Making a Discrimination Complaint - a general guide for charging parties

Housing brochure - your rights explained

Housing brochure in English

Housing brochure in Spanish

Pre-Employment brochure - your rights explained

Pre-Employment brochure in English

Pre-Employment brochure in Spanish

Sample sexual harassment policy - a framework to use in building a workplace policy

Sexual Harassment brochure - your rights explained

Sexual Harassment brochure in English

Sexual Harassment brochure in Spanish

What You Need to Know about Human Rights brochure - your rights explained

What You Need to Know brochure in English

What You Need to Know brochure in Spanish 


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