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Cosmetology apprenticeships are covered by South Dakota Codified Law (SDCL) 36-15-42 through 36-16-50 and Administrative Rule of South Dakota (ARSD) 20:42:07. There are several required steps before an apprenticeship is approved by the Commission and allowed to start.

Step One

Read the following four detailed lists of requirements. All are in Adobe PDF format.

  • Apprentices
  • Senior Instructors - Follow the Instructions for obtaining an instructor's license (Adobe PDF format).
  • Physical Requirements
  • Curriculum Requirements

Step Two

If you decide to proceed with an apprenticeship, complete the Checklist for Proposed Apprenticeship (Adobe PDF format). This checklist must be completed and submitted to the Executive Director before an interview can be scheduled.

Step Three

Ask for an interview with the supervising inspector and a commissioner. A staff member will schedule a date and time for the interview. It is important that all parties understand their responsibilities. The inspector and commissioner will review the laws, rules and policies with everyone involved. They will also review all lesson plans that must be ready before the start of the apprenticeship.

Step Four

The person(s) who will be the instructor(s) must apply for the instructor license using the Instructor License Application Form (available on our Forms page) available and comply with the educational requirements.

Step Five

We will send you a letter containing the decision whether to approve the apprenticeship. If approved, you will receive an Apprenticeship Application (available on our Forms page) that need to be completed and returned to the office with the appropriate fees.

Step Six

The appropriate licenses will be sent to you with a formal letter stating the assigned start date and estimated end date of the apprenticeship. After all applications and fees are submitted and processed, a letter with the official start date and official ending date is sent to all participants. The apprenticeship cannot start until this letter and license(s) are received by the participants. There is a three-month probation period.

During the apprenticeship, you must complete the probation period, pass inspections, and complete and submit a required Weekly Report form (Adobe PDF format).

When the apprenticeship is complete, you must complete the Apprentice Training Record (Adobe PDF format) and submit an Exam and Temporary License Application Form (available from our Forms page). The apprentice must take the state boards, which consist of theory, practical and state laws examinations.

Please refer to the SDCL and ARSD links above for the complete wording of the laws and rules. If you have any questions regarding the above information, please feel free to call us at 605.773.6193.