Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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South Dakota Board of Barber Examiners

Consumer Information

There are a few things you should check for in a barbershop before getting a haircut. To help ensure you receive safe and satisfactory service, check these basic points:

  • Ask to see the shop license and the license of the person providing the service. (South Dakota Codified Law 36-14-20: Display of certificates. Every holder of a certificate of registration shall display it in a conspicuous place adjacent to or near his work chair.)
  • Observe the overall condition of the salon: floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, fixtures and other apparatus. All other exposed surfaces in every barber shop and barber school should be clean and sanitary, free from dust and in good repair at all times.

  • Brooms, mops, and any other articles used to wash floors, or brush or wash the walls should not be left exposed. All residue, cut hair, dirt, etc., swept off the floor should be placed in a covered container or containers until properly disposed of outside the barbershop or barber school. It should appear clean and neat. Hair should be swept from the floor, and combs and brushes should be properly sanitized.
  • Did the barber wash his/her hands before providing his service?
  • Does the headrest of the barber chair have a clean covering of cloth or paper?
  • Are used towels in a covered container or containers? (Your barber should not leave any used towels on a workstation, barber chair, sink or otherwise exposed at any place in a barbershop or school.)
  • Be sure your barber does not use a shaving brush on you for sanitary purposes.
  • Make sure your barber uses soap in liquid form only.
  • Are jars containing cream or pomades covered at all times, and is the barber using a clean spatula to remove solvents from jars?
  • Are hair tonics, lotions and cosmetics clearly labeled with the name of the manufacture?