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Appraiser Certification Program

Supervised Experience


State-Registered Appraiser

In order for a state-registered appraiser to be able to claim appraisal experience credit for an assignment requiring a supervisory appraiser, the individual must:

  • Report the name of each endorsed supervisory appraiser to the Department by submitting an Application to Register Supervisory Appraiser/Supervisory Agreement (Adobe PDF format) before any supervision occurs.
  • Maintain an Appraisal Experience Log (Microsoft Excel format) that includes each appraisal performed. (Separate logs must be maintained for each supervisory appraiser.) Only this form will be accepted for assignments and experience hours claimed on or after June 1, 2015. For experience documented prior to June 1, 2015, you may submit the log that you have completed using the "old" log form.
  • Complete the Department of Labor & Regulation Appraiser Certification Program's course entitled "Training Course for Supervisory Appraisers and State-Registered Appraisers" before becoming licensed/certified as a state-registered appraiser.

State-registered appraisers are responsible for affirming the Department's supervisory appraiser/state-registered applicant registration. For confirmation, see Supervisory Appraisers & State-Registered Appraisers Log.

You must notify the Department in writing when you cease to be associated with a supervisory appraiser.

Training Course for State-Registered Appraisers

The state-registered appraiser must attend and successfully complete the Department of Labor & Regulation, Appraiser Certification Program's approved course entitled: "Training Course for Supervisory Appraisers and State-Registered Appraisers" before becoming licensed/certified. Please note: This is the only course that satisfies this requirement.

Visit for course offering information. Verification of successful completion must be submitted to the Department.

Becoming a Supervisory Appraiser

See our Supervisory Appraisers page for more information on the requirements to become a supervisory appraiser.

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