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Appraiser Certification Program

Frequently Asked Questions - Renewal Topics for Appraisal

Management Companies


How do we renew our Appraisal Management Company’s registration?

The renewal application will be mailed to all registered appraisal management companies on or around October 1 of each year. Submit between October 1 and November 15 of each year a renewal application, $750 renewal fee, and registration surety bond. (See Renewal for more information.)

If my AMC does not get renewed by the end of the year, what must we do?

Cease doing business until your AMC registration is renewed. You may renew the registration at any time prior to three months after its date of expiration; however, there is a late renewal penalty fee of $50.00 for each month or fraction of a month that has passed since the first day of January. If not renewed during this time, you must submit a new registration.

How much is the fee for the renewal of our appraisal management company registration in South Dakota?


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