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Appraiser Certification Program

Frequently Asked Questions - Registered Appraisal

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How do we report a change in our address, designated officer, or controlling person?

The Appraiser Certification Program must be notified, in writing, within five days of a change of address, designated officer or controlling person.

Our AMC has/is changing our name, what procedure is required?

Submit a letter explaining the changes and requesting a name change for the registered AMC. Identify the controlling persons and a designated officer, provide verification of registration name change with the South Dakota Secretary of State's office, provide the surety bond with the name change or a rider to the current bond.

How can I get a letter of good standing for an Appraisal Management Company?

Send a written request (email is acceptable) along with your Appraisal Management Company name, registration number, name and address where it is to be sent, and name and address of the state requiring the letter of good standing.

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