Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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South Dakota Board of Accountancy

Instructions for the Firm Permit Initial Application

The Firm Permit Application (Adobe PDF format) should be completed and submitted to the Board's office with the appropriate fee and a sample of each of the firm's letterhead. If the firm is a professional corporation or limited liability organization, a copy of the articles of incorporation or organization must also be submitted.

Submit the original, not a copy, of the firm application. Make a copy for your files.

Fee Schedule

$50 per firm


Based on the number of owners (SDCL 36-20B-1(12A)) please use the following scale:

For firms with 1 to 15 owners, the fee is $65 per owner.
For firms with 16 to 25 owners, the fee is $1,000.
For firms with 26 to 60 owners, the fee is $1,500.
For firms with 61 owners or more, the fee is $2,000.

Make checks payable to the South Dakota Board of Accountancy. No cash please.

Exemption From Peer Review: On the reverse side of the application is a statement which must be completed if your firm wishes exemption from Peer Review because it does not engage in the financial reporting area of practice in South Dakota. These areas include audits, review, compilations, accounting services on prospective financial information and any examination, review or agreed upon procedures engagement to be performed in accordance with SSAE. If this statement is not completed and signed, your firm will be subject to Peer Review as a condition of renewal of your firm permit in accordance with Administrative Rule of South Dakota (ARSD) 20:75:07:04 - New Firms.

If you do not sign the exemption from Peer Review, you must include your firm's most recent copy of Peer Review. This includes the final acceptance letter, the reviewer's report, and any FFCs (if applicable).

All applications must be signed by the proprietor, a partner, officer, member or shareholder of the firm.

Reminder: Attach a sample of the firm's letterhead. PCs, LLCs and LLPs, attach a copy of articles of incorporation/organization.

Firm Permit Application (Adobe PDF format)

Please contact us if you have any questions.