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Booking it with LMI

In conjunction with First Lady Linda Daugaard's third annual book walk for children in the backyard of the Governor's Mansion on Aug. 12, we put together some fun facts binding labor market information (LMI) and books. Show me One for the Books.

Seasonally adjusted June labor force data for metro areas available

Seasonally adjusted labor force data for South Dakota's Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) of Rapid City and Sioux Falls for June 2015 are available from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). See the BLS news release or download the data from the BLS website now. Historical data back to 2000 is available upon request to the BLS. For more information about seasonally adjusted labor force data for metropolitan areas, please see the Question and Answer document prepared by BLS.

South Dakota Graduate Outcomes System launched

The South Dakota Postsecondary Graduate Outcomes System just released by our agency provides students, job seekers, career counselors, educators and policy makers with a better understanding about the connections between postsecondary education choices and employment outcomes. Tell me more about the Graduate Outcomes System.

Industry and occupational employment projections now available for areas within South Dakota

For the first time ever, we have published employment projections by industry and by occupation for sub-state areas within South Dakota. The projections use a base year of 2012, with employment levels projected to 2022. The areas for which the data are now available include the Rapid City and Sioux Falls Metropolitan Statistical Areas, the Central Area, the East Area and the West Area. The table footnotes identify the counties included within each respective area. See the industry employment projections and the occupational employment projections.

The Hills (and the South Dakota economy) are alive with the sound of motorcycles

To commemorate the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, we compiled some fun related labor market facts in a Rally Report (Adobe PDF format). Enjoy some light reading while you learn more about how this major South Dakota visitor event helps rev up our economy.

Overview of South Dakota labor market

June 2015 labor force and nonfarm industry employment data is now available online. See an overview of the new data.

Snapshot of South Dakota's economy

Get a quick synopsis, or snapshot, of the most current data available for numerous closely watched economic indicators.

Labor market information barometer

A real time labor market Information line graph, "LMI Barometer," graphically monitors fluctuations in the state's labor market, comparing the number of South Dakota residents seeking employment with the number of available jobs and the number of New Hires reported, using the most current data possible. See the LMI Barometer.

Release dates

Click here to find out when the next data release from LMIC will be.


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