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Labor Market Information Center

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Statewide data for April released

See an overview of the labor market in South Dakota, including newly released April 2017 labor force and nonfarm worker data for statewide South Dakota.

Tapping Into the Power of Labor Market Information

The South Dakota Retailers Association and the Department of Labor and Regulation hosted a webinar May 17 on how to access tons of labor market information helpful to employers. The training covered a demonstration of the virtual labor market data system with tips and tricks for tapping into occupational wage rates, industry employment trends, unemployment rates, labor force data and more. Watch the recorded webinar on YouTube.

Snapshot of South Dakota's economy

Get a quick synopsis, or snapshot, of the most current data available for numerous closely watched economic indicators.

Labor market information barometer

A real time labor market Information line graph, "LMI Barometer," graphically monitors fluctuations in the state's labor market, comparing the number of South Dakota residents seeking employment with the number of available jobs and the number of New Hires reported, using the most current data possible. See the LMI Barometer.

New occupational wage data available

The wage estimates for specific occupations have been updated and now reflect second quarter 2016 data collected from South Dakota employers. Access the wage data from the virtual labor market data system using the Labor Market Information Center's website.The menu page for the data also includes links for definitions of each occupation and technical explanations about the data. Contact us at 605.626.2314 if you need assistance or have questions.

Seasonally Adjusted March Labor Force Data for Metro Areas Available

Seasonally adjusted labor force data for South Dakota's Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) of Rapid City and Sioux Falls for March 2017 were released May 3 from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). See the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) news release or view the data specifically for South Dakota's MSAs.

April 2017 data will be released May 31, 2017. Historical data back to 1990 for all metro areas nationwide is available to download in a .txt file from BLS website.

Release dates

Click here to find out when the next data release from LMIC will be.