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Cabinet Secretary

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The mission of the Department of Labor and Regulation is to promote economic opportunity and financial security for individuals and businesses through quality, responsive and expert services; fair and equitable employment solutions; and safe and sound business practices. View detailed descriptions of the various divisions and programs, along with the appropriate contact information.

  Contact Phone Number Fax Number Description
Department Secretary
Deputy Secretary
Marcia Hultman
Tom Hart
605.773.5395 605.773.6184 Provide administration and leadership direction to all areas of the Department of Labor and Regulation.
Banking Bret Afdahl 605.773.3421 866.326.7504 Regulates and supervises state chartered and licensed financial institutions to maintain stability and public confidence in state chartered institutions and to protect public interests. 
Employment Services Andrew Szilvasi 605.773.3101 605.773.6184 Provides IT support, SDWORKS jobs database and performance reporting; delivers veterans, SCSEP, WOTC, TANF and SNAP employment programs; oversees foreign labor certification.
Field Operations Bill McEntaffer 605.773.3101 605.773.6184 Provides employment-related services in communities across the state through job service offices.
Insurance and Securities Larry Deiter 605.773.3563 605.773.5369 Insurance - Regulates and licenses the insurance industry in South Dakota to serve and protect consumers, companies and producers. 
605.773.4823 605.773.5953 Securities - Sets rules and procedures to ensure investments sold in South Dakota meet standards of full disclosure, including securities products, franchises and business opportunities.
Labor and Management Tom Hart 605.773.3681 605.773.4211 Administers the state's labor laws.  Staff in the division help settle problems between employers and workers; enforce wage and hour and youth employment laws; administer the Human Rights Division in South Dakota; answer questions about state and federal employment laws; and administer the state's workers' compensation system.
Unemployment Insurance Pauline Heier See options below. 605.626.2322 Provides economic support to workers and protects the interests of workers and businesses by determining UI eligibility and liability, collecting taxes, making payments and ensuring compliance all through exceptional service.
Workforce Planning, Policy and Public Affairs Dawn Dovre 605.773.5395 605.773.6184 Supports the entire Department though a variety of functions, including workforce development, communications, media relations, constituent services, legislative activity and organizational development. Its Labor Market Information Center collects, analyzes and provides public information on the labor market of the state.
Workforce Training Kendra Ringstmeyer 605.773.5017 605.773.4211 Provides workforce training and education to young adults, adults and dislocated workers, adult basic education and high school equivalency, the National Career Readiness Certificate and apprenticeships. Oversees other federal grants including Trade Adjustment Assistance, Disability Employment Initiative and National Emergency Grant.

Comprehensive Job Service Offices
Aberdeen Dan Thielsen 605.626.2340 605.626.2228 Help employers in the local area deal with various labor issues and helps job applicants identify opportunities and prepare for productive employment.
Brookings Scott Kwasniewski 605.688.4350 605.688.6761
Huron Robin Wallum 605.353.7155 605.353.7305
Lake Andes Lacey Johnson 605.487.7607 605.487.7429
Madison Jim Baltzer 605.256.5300 605.256.5306
Mitchell Devon Bartscher 605.995.8060 605.995.8070
North Sioux City Dan Hart 605.242.5445 605.242.5448
Pierre Mark Anderson 605.773.3372 605.773.6680
Rapid City Penny Kutz 605.394.2296 605.394.1824
Sioux Falls Greg Johnson 605.367.5300 605.367.5308
Sisseton Lisa Johnson 605.698.3964 605.698.3449
Spearfish Jonathan Englund 605.642.6900 605.642.6907
Vermillion Dan Hart 605.677.6900 605.677.6909
Watertown Lisa Johnson 605.882.5131 605.882.5152
Winner Mark Anderson 605.842.0474 605.842.0165
Yankton Lacey Johnson 605.668.2900 605.668.2916
Labor Market Information Center
Labor Market Information Center Bernie Moran 605.626.2314 605.626.2216 This includes information such as employment levels, unemployment rates, wage and earnings data, estimates of available labor, employment projections, business staffing patterns, career planning information, etc. Among those who use our information are employers, career decision makers, and education, economic development, job placement and training program planners.
Licensing Boards and Commissions
South Dakota Abstracters' Board of Examiners Viki Wilds 605.558.1030 Issues abstracter's licenses to qualified applicants,  examines and licenses new title plants and those changing ownership to maintain quality and compliance, monitors and ensures the quality of service provided by licensees, and promotes continuing education for licensees.
South Dakota Board of Accountancy Nicole Kasin 605.367.5770 605.367.5773 Protects the citizens of South Dakota from receiving inadequate accounting services by licensing qualified accountant applicants; monitoring annual reporting requirements and continuing professional education; and enforcing statutes and rules promulgated by the Board to regulate the practice of public accountancy.
South Dakota Athletic Commission Jennifer Stalley 605.224.1721 888.425.3032 Approves all mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing and kickboxing competitions prior to being promoted registers and licenses all competitors, promoters, managers and other participants.
South Dakota Board of Barber Examiners Carol Tellinghuisen 605.642.1600 605.722.1006 Protects the public consumers of barbershop facilities from unsafe and unsanitary conditions by regulating the licensing of barbers, enforcing sanitary operating procedures, and updating governing statutes, rules and regulations.
South Dakota Cosmetology Commission Kathryn "Kate" Boyd 605.773.6193 605.773.7175 Maintains an office for the administration of records, inspect salons, booths, cosmetology schools, nail technicians, estheticians and cosmetologists, conducting examinations for licensee applicants,  investigating violations and enforcing the laws and administrative rules of South Dakota associated by cosmetology.
South Dakota Electrical Commission John J. Linn Jr. [JJ] 605.773.3573 605.773.6213 Administers the state laws and regulations concerning electrical wiring, inspects wiring installations, investigates complaints related to electrical wiring and licenses all electricians within the state.
South Dakota Plumbing Commission Michael Richards 605.773.3429 605.773.5405 Administers the state laws and regulations concerning plumbing , inspects plumbing installations, investigates complaints related to plumbing, licenses all qualified plumbers within the state , ensures updating and distribution of the state plumbing code, informs plumbers, inspection departments and the public about code requirements, new products and methods of installation, provides information of the Commission's activities, recommendations and requirements.
South Dakota Real Estate Commission Melissa Miller 605.773.3600 605.773.4356 Protects the interest of the public when engaged in a real estate transaction. It is the commission's responsibility to enforce standards for education, licensing and practice of real estate brokers, salespersons, auctioneers, property managers, residential rental agents, timeshare agents and home inspectors, and for registration of condominium, timeshare and subdivision projects.
South Dakota Board of Technical Professions Kathryn Patterson 605.394.2510 605.394.2509 Licenses and regulates the professional practice of architecture, engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, and petroleum release services.
Other Boards, Commissions and Programs
Department of Labor Employee Retirement Board (ERB) Derek Gustafson 605.773.3095 605.773.6184  Administers the retirement plan for certain employees (hired by the Department from August 1, 1961 to July 1, 1980) of the South Dakota Department of Labor, Job Service, Unemployment Division and Office of Administrative Services.
Human Rights Commission Ray Falk 605.773.3681 605.773.4211 Investigates formal complaints filed by people who believe they have been discriminated against.
South Dakota Appraiser Certification Program Sherry Bren 605.773.4608 605.773.5405 Examines candidates, issues certificates, investigates and administers disciplinary actions to persons in violation of the rules, statutes and uniform standards, and approves qualifying and continuing education courses; and registers and supervises appraisal management companies doing business in the state of South Dakota.
Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council (UIAC) Pauline Heier 605.626.2310 605.626.2322 The task of this advisory group is to review the unemployment insurance program as to its content, adequacy and effectiveness and to make recommendation for improvements.
Workers' Compensation Advisory Council (WCAC) James Marsh 605.773.3681 605.773.4211 Reviews the workers' compensation program's content, adequacy and effectiveness. 
Workforce Development Council Bill McEntaffer 605.773.5017 605.773.4211 Oversees the implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) in South Dakota.
Unemployment Insurance Division
New Hire Reporting Becky Burdick 605.626.2942 605.626.2842 Collects and maintains data employers are required by federal and state law to report on their newly hired employees, including the date of hire. The New Hire program is a cooperative effort of the SD Department of Social Services, Office of Child Support Enforcement and the SD Department of Labor and Regulation.
Unemployment Insurance Benefits Dawn Williams 605.626.2452 605.626.3172 Provides financial assistance for persons who have lost their job, through no fault of their owns until they find other employment. 
Unemployment Insurance Benefits Appeals Pauline Heier 605.626.2310 605.626.2322 South Dakota law provides an appeal process for workers or employers who disagree with a decision on a UI claim. These claims are resolved through the judicial process.
Unemployment Insurance Overpayments Julie Albano 605.626.7649 605.626.2216 Prevents overpayment of unemployment benefits by promoting program integrity through prevention, detection, investigation, recovery and prosecution.
Unemployment Insurance Tax Scott Geffre 605.626.2312 605.626.3347 Identifies and registers employers subject to unemployment insurance tax, ensuring wage reports are filed so benefit eligibility can be established, collecting taxes due and auditing employer records for compliance.


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