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Labor Market Information Center

Employment Projections by Occupation

Retrievable Data

Get occupational employment projections from the virtual LMI data system.

Occupational employment projections are available for the following areas:

Statewide (2014 to 2024) | Metropolitan Statistical Areas (2014 to 2024) | Broad Geographic Areas (2014 to 2024) OR you may select an area from a map.

Simply follow these steps:

If you want to change the default setting in number three above, follow additional steps to select specific occupations.

Please note: We made every effort to publish the sub-state occupational employment projections for as many occupations as possible while following stringent guidelines to ensure the reliability of the estimates and the confidentiality of data provided voluntarily by employers. If data is not available for a particular occupation of interest, it is because it did not meet those standards.

Please also note: Statewide employment projections for a 10-year period are completed every other year, followed by completion the next year of the sub-state projections for the MSAs and the Broad Geographic Areas. Depending on when during the employment projections cycle data is being accessed, you may need to select a different time period before you have the option to select data for an area other than statewide. Currently, 2014-2024 data is available for all areas; but when 2016-2026 statewide data is released during 2018, projections data for the sub-state areas will still be available only for 2014-2024.

Tip: At any point while using the virtual labor market data system, to clear all prior selections, click on the "Labor Market Analysis" link in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

National Data

United States (link to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website)

Resources and References

For each Standard Occupational Classification System (SOC) occupation, see occupational descriptions in alphabetical order or occupational descriptions in SOC code order.

Projections technical notes and methodology

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