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Code Guidance

The following are provided as a courtesy because they are commonly referenced electrical wiring codes from South Dakota Codified Law (SDCL) and National Electrical Codes.

  • 210.52 & 20:44:22:23 If the back of a cabinet(s) is butted up to a studded wall, it is not considered an island or peninsula. Therefore the requirements in 210.52 pertain. (Note: recommend to install a circuit to be available for future utilization where not required.)
  • 210.8 GFCI and AFCI receptacles in cabinets are considered readily acceptable unless behind an appliance.
  • 210.8 A 10 - Guidance is to treat washing machine like a sink in a laundry area.
  • 210.12, Art. 100 and 90.4 - Specialty resort installations containing the 4 elements of a dwelling unit will be required to utilize AFCIs. (Permanent provisions for living, sleeping, cooking and sanitation).
  • 210.12 A - AFCI is not required for 120V furnace circuit.
  • 210.12 A - Outlets or devices which would include switches are required to be AFCI protected.
  • 7 and under rooms
  • 250.52 UFFER Ground - required to be connected to foundation or footing.
  • 445.13 - The exception clarifies generators with breakers can be derated at 100 percent.
  • (406).2 and .12 Tamper resistant receptacles
    • Rooms for individuals age seven and younger
    • Common areas (Examples: lunchroom, hallways, gym, library)
  • 680.42c - Any feeder to a spa or hot tub must be wired in accordance to 680.42c.
    • The feeder from a panel inside a building or dwelling to a remote hot tub panel must have an insulated grounding conductor.
  • 702.4B2 - Utilize this article when sizing a generator utilizing an automatic transfer switch.
  • Shunt trip breakers for "Machine Roomless" passenger elevators may be located in the elevator or in the building machine room

Common Violations

  • Wiring Bulletin - Grounding electrode conductor must terminate at the neutral bar in the service.
  • NEC 110.24 requires service equipment in other than dwelling units to have the available fault current labeled. The label shall have the date the calculation was figured and shall be able to withstand the environment involved.
  • Size over current protection per name plate on equipment. Example air conditioner.
  • NEC 406 Install weather resistant receptacles.
  • NEC 408.4 - Labeling breakers