Marcia Hultman

Cabinet Secretary

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Division of Insurance - Securities Regulation

Administrative Actions for Securities Regulation

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Name CRD Number Order Type
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Effective Date


Wesleyan Investment Foundation, Inc. N/A Consent Order/Monetary Penalty 02/07/2018


Rain Maker Equity Advisors, LLP 161783 Consent Order/Monetary Penalty 12/27/2017
Svartoien, Phillip 2427260 Consent Order/Monetary Penalty 12/27/2017
Charles Balcom and Consultants, LTD. N/A Cease and Desist/Monetary Penalty 12/11/2017
Niederbaumer, Matthew 4553475 Consent Order/ Monetary Penalty 05/11/2017

Renford Group, LLC.

N/A Consent Order/Monetary Penalty 04/25/2017
Rensink, David N/A Consent Order/Monetary Penalty 04/25/2017
Stanford, Joseph N/A Consent Order/Monetary Penalty 04/25/2017
Siliato, Matthew 5062153 Consent Agreement 04/12/2017
Lundy, Mike aka Lundy, Barkley J.W. 2260127 Consent Order 03/29/2017
Wealth Protection Group, LLC. 2541616 Consent Agreement 03/13/2017
Hallmark Investments, Inc. 135003 Order to Show Cause 03/13/2017
Standard Life Investments Securities, LLC. 157233 Order to Vacate Order to Show Cause 03/01/2017
Sterling Grace Municipal Securities Corp. 7155 Order to Show Cause/Monetary Penalty 02/06/2017