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Medical Malpractice Reporting

Insurance companies issuing professional medical malpractice insurance in this state shall file the Medical Malpractice Claim Report (Adobe .pdf format*) for the following professions regulated by South Dakota Codifed Law (SDCL):

36-04B Advanced Life Support Personnel
36-34 Alcohol and Drug Professionals
36-05 Chiropractors
36-06A Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Auxilaries
36-10B Dietetics and Nutritionists
36-09B Medical Assistants
36-09A Nurse Practitioners and Midwives
36-28 Nursing Facility Administrators
36-31 Occupational Therapists
36-07 Optometrists
36-11 Pharmacies and Pharmacists
36-10 Physical Therapists
36-04A Physician Assistants
36-04 Physicians and Surgeons
36-08 Podiatrists
36-27A Psychologists
36-09 Registered and Practical Nurses
36-04C Respiratory Care Practitioners

Medical Malpractice Claim Report Form

See Bulletin 09-04

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