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Division of Insurance - Health Rate & Form Filing Requirements

Group Credit Health

South Dakota Codified Laws
21-25A-3 Arbitration not permitted.
58-9-3 "Health insurance" defined.
58-11-1 "Premium" defined.
58-11-2 Contents of policy.
58-11-3 Statement of basis and rates for determination of premium included in policy.
58-11-5 Standard or uniform provisions of insurance contracts.
58-11-7 Substitute provisions required by law of domicile of foreign or alien insurer, approval by director.
58-11-8  Assessable policies.
58-11-10 Additional policy provisions.
58-11-11 Charter and bylaws, inclusion as part of contract of insurance.
58-11-12   Policy forms must be submitted for approval.
58-11-22  Identification of contracts issued and forms filed with director.
58-11-23 Execution of policy by authorized representative of insurer.
58-11-26  Jointly issued policies.
58-11-27 Combination policy.
58-11-36 Assignment of policies.
58-11-39 Modification by rider, endorsement, or application made part of policy.
58-11-62 Notice of intent to cease marketing block of business.
58-11A-1 Definitions.
58-11A-2 Policies subject to chapter.
58-11A-3 Reading ease.
58-11A-4 Alternate reading ease tests.
58-11A-5 Certificate concerning reading ease.
58-11A-6  Variation of reading ease requirement.
58-11A-9 Law permitting issuance of policies after form on file for specified period.
58-18-7.17 Exclusion of benefits for injury while under the influence of alcohol or drugs prohibited.
58-18-8 Representations by applicant not warranties.
58-18-10 Additions to group originally insured.
58-19-2 Definition of terms.
58-19-3 Life and health insurance connected with credit transactions subject to chapter.
58-19-4 Forms of credit life insurance and credit health insurance.
58-19-8 Indemnity payable by credit health insurance.
58-19-9 Term of insurance.
58-19-10 Commencement of insurance when evidence of insurability required.
58-19-11 Duration of term of insurance.
58-19-12 Revision of premium schedule.
58-19-13 Premium rate not to exceed scheduled rate.
58-19-14 Amount charged debtor not to exceed premium charged by insurer.
58-19-15 Termination of insurance prior to maturity date.
58-19-19 Contents of individual policy or group certificate.
58-19-24 Forms--Filing with director.
58-19-26 Disapproval of filed forms by director. 
58-33-13 Unfair discrimination as misdemeanor.
62-1-1.3 In regard to exclusions for workers' compensation the word “paid” must be used instead of “payable” or “entitled to” or similar language.
Administrative Rules of South Dakota
20:06:06:01 Premium rates -- Fifty percent loss ratio benchmark.
20:06:06:02 Prima facie acceptable credit insurance rates.
20:06:06:04 Credit health insurance -- Acceptable rates.
20:06:06:04.02 Credit health insurance -- Exclusions and restrictions allowed.
20:06:06:04.03 Reduction of period of exclusion.
20:06:06:04.04 Joint credit disability insurance -- Acceptable rates.
20:06:06:05  Restricted coverages -- Rates.
20:06:06:06  Deviations from prima facie acceptable credit insurance rates.
20:06:06:07 Refunds.
20:06:06:07.01 Refinancing or consolidation.
20:06:06:11 Disclosure requirements.
Appendix A Non-complying sample application form.
Appendix B Non-complying sample application form.
20:06:28:01 Filing fees.
20:06:28:03 Filings by third parties.
20:06:28:08 Electronic filings.
20:06:42:01 Eligible associations defined.
20:06:42:02 Credit unions.
20:06:52:02 Discretionary Clause not permitted
Bulletin 98-6 Use of Trusts in Marketing Life and Health Insurance (Replaces 98-4)
Bulletin 07-01 SERFF required for all form and rate filings
Bulletin 08-04 Health Policy Rate and Form Filing
  • An application or a policy form may not include a statement that indicates that the agent cannot bind the company. An application or a policy form may contain language that indicates that agents or others have no authority to modify or waive any provisions of the policy or certificate.
  • No health policy or certificate amendment or endorsement filing may contain blank provisions that may be completed upon issuance by the insurer.
  • No policy or certificate may exclude covered sicknesses or injuries caused by alcohol or drug use unless it is in the commission of a felony.

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