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Showcase of Successes

Finding the Right Fit

Overcoming a Stroke


Finding the Right Fit

Melissa | 21-year-old Adult Participant

When Melissa came to DLR, she had no idea what she wanted to do. She had a poor work history and limited income. Based off information she provided, DLR referred her to Vocational Rehabilitation Services, but assessments revealed that she did not qualify for their services.

To figure out what she might like to do, she completed an interest assessment at My Next Move and DLR went overthe results with her. Melissa's first choice was a receptionist or clerical worker, but only because she wanted to work during the day and dress up. Melissa scored high in the Artistic category on the interest assessment and chose to job shadow at a local flower shop. The shop was too chaotic for her, so next she explored her interest in baking and decorating by visiting a local business that served limited lunches and made and decorated cupcakes. Melissa didn't think it was the right fit either.

She had talked about working with her dad, who is a carpenter, so DLR contacted a local cabinet building shop. Melissa’s interest while touring the shop could be seen and heard in the questions she asked. DLR started to plan a Work Experience that day. Melissa completed the work experience and received a job offer, but she still needed a lot of training. DLR offered a 480-hour On-the-Job Training (OJT), which Melissa completed in April 2018. She is now a full-time employee.

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Overcoming a Stroke

Brett | 55-year-old SNAP and SSDI recipient

Brett had a stroke about three years ago that affected his left side. He is unable to use his left arm and uses a cane. He has about one year of college training in computer science. Brett had not worked since August 2014 and was referred by Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

DLR assisted him with his resume, interviewing skills and employment plan. He wanted a position as a computer technician or a human resources, library or office position that matched his physical abilities.

DLR referred him to several jobs at businesses and after discussing openings at a local momument company, he applied on his own for an office assistant position there.  

DLR and Vocational Rehabilitation Services contacted the employer to set up a possible On-the-Job Training (OJT); the employer agreed to a 117-hour part-time OJT position as an office assistant. DLR helped complete a a Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) certificate for the employer. The employer was impressed with DLR services and was interested in setting up other possible OJTs with other job seekers in Chamberlain and Pierre.

Brett started his position in March 2018, and is doing great. He and the employer provided positive feedback during the first monitor. He has learned new skills such as answering the phone, assisting customers with orders, and sending out letters to potential customers. Brett has enjoyed learning about all the memorial headstones and designs. Black Hills Special Services assisted him with reporting his income to the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. Dakota Link provided an adaptive technology assessment and helped him with voice recognition software. Brett also adjusted his computer to expand the memory to download the new software into the system.

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