Department of Labor and Regulation

Title - Veterans' Services

Employment Services for Veterans

Every local South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation office is staffed with a trained employment representative who can provide job-seeking veterans with:

  • Intensive services and employment assistance for disabled veterans. If you have a military disability, you may also qualify for vocational rehabilitation services.
  • In-person orientation sessions introducing South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation services and procedures.
  • Job-search information, help writing a resume and cover letters, help preparing for interviews.
  • Eligibility determinations for special programs and services that employ and train veterans.
  • Information on how to apply for federal, state, county and city employment.
  • Employment information for newly separated or transitioning service members.
  • Assistance with cross-matching your military skills to civilian employment.
  • Direct referrals to job openings.

Please also see our New Employment Initiatives for Veterans Web page.

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