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Unemployment Insurance

Overpayments - Accurate & Honest Reporting

Read carefully!

Failure to accurately report some of the following may result in FRAUD penalties!

Reporting Work and Earnings Accurately

Earnings and other types of payments may affect a weekly UI benefit amount. Use the following information to report your earnings correctly.

  • Report your work and earnings when it is earned, not when you get paid.
  • Report the gross amount earned including tips, not the net after deductions.
  • Report the value of payment for work that is not cash: room and board, loan repayments or "working off a bill." Other payments in kind may be deductible.
  • Report promptly to UI Customer Service (605.626.2452) if you received or will receive vacation, sick pay, severance, wages in lieu of notice, holiday pay and pension.
  • Have your pay stub showing your payments with you when you file your claim, if possible.

Work Search Requirements

  • Make two job contacts at different businesses each week, unless you were exempted from making work search or are in a reemployment services program and are required to make additional contacts.
  • Make the contact at the place where the business normally does their hiring, complete job applications and talk to someone at the business that is involved in hiring whenever possible.
  • If searching for jobs on the Internet, keep the confirmation e-mail for verification.
  • Keep a record of your job contacts in your Facts about UI Benefits guide and keep it even after you quit claiming benefits. You may be audited.
  • Telephone contacts are not acceptable.

Availability and Ability to Work

The following may affect your eligibility for UI Benefits

  • Illness, injury
  • leaving the area
  • lack of childcare
  • lack of transportation
  • incarceration

Report promptly to UI Customer Service (605.626.2452) any situation that prevents you from looking for or accepting work.

For More Information

For additional information, refer to our Facts about Unemployment Insurance Benefits handbook (Adobe PDF format) or our Unemployment Insurance Benefits page.

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