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Occupational Wages - Executive Summary

The Labor Market Information Center (LMIC) can provide a wide range of occupational wage information, including online reports and customized reports. The occupational information is based on data derived from the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program.

Occupational wage data is utilized by a variety of consumers, including employers, employees, job seekers, counselors and economic development groups. This information is available as a tool to assist in making informed decisions, such as choosing a career, accepting or declining a job offer, and revising company salary schedules. Information about the number of workers in an occupation is also a helpful tool for economic development groups and employers, providing information about the composition of the skilled work force.

The occupational wage data are cross-industry worker and wage estimates, meaning the estimates are representative of workers across all industries. The OES program defines a wage as "straight-time, gross pay, exclusive of premium pay." Therefore, the wage data do not include the value of any benefits received. The estimated number of workers includes both full- and part-time workers. The occupational data is presented for predetermined geographic areas, including statewide South Dakota and five substate areas.

View or download current occupational worker and wage estimates using an online application. The online application features wage estimates that are updated on a quarterly basis, as opposed to the hard copy publication which is only updated annually. The online application has the ability to sort data in ascending or descending order. The data can be sorted by geographic area, occupational code, occupational title, the number of workers or by each of the specific wage statistics presented.

Although the online database contains only cross-industry estimates, the LMIC can provide additional analysis of the wage data on a request basis. Detailed worker and wage estimates can be produced from OES survey data based on select criteria, including:

  • Industry
  • Size of establishment (number of workers)
  • Geographic area (county is the finest level available)
  • Ownership (including private, local, state and federal government)

A wealth of occupational information is available to help individuals make more informed decisions. For more information regarding detailed analysis of occupational data, please contact the LMIC office at 605.626.2314. Please note data availability is subject to statistical reliability standards and restriction on the disclosure of individual data.

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