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Work Interests Used in Occupational Profiles

Work interests indicate a person's preferences for work environments and outcomes. The interest areas listed in each occupational profile indicate the two interest areas most strongly related to the preferences of workers in the occupation. The interest areas used in the occupational profiles are the Holland Occupational Themes (RIASEC), a theory of careers and vocational choice based upon personality types. It was developed by the psychologist John L. Holland. Each letter or code stands for a particular "type": Realistic (Doers), Investigative (Thinkers), Artistic (Creators), Social (Helpers), Enterprising (Persuaders) and Conventional (Organizers).

Artistic (Creators) - are artistic and like change. They enjoy using their imagination, creativity, feelings and intuition. They like working in jobs where they are free to set their own schedule.

Conventional (Organizers) - detail oriented and organized. They like to analyze data, keep financial records and do research. They can be counted on to be accurate and enjoy structure and closure.

Enterprising (Persuaders) - like to influence, persuade or lead people and manage others. They enjoy working on a team toward goals, competition and business-like activities.

Investigative (Thinkers) - interested in science and logic. They like to analyze, evaluate and solve problems, and enjoy learning and understanding the causes of events.

Realistic (Doers) - prefer to work with objects, things, machines, tools, plants or animals. They have mechanical ability, enjoy being outdoors and working with their hands.

Social (Helpers) - like to work with other people. They enjoy teaching, helping and curing people. They are good with words.

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