Department of Labor and Regulation

Title - Labor Market Information Center

Labor Market Information (LMI) Barometer

The LMI Barometer compares the level of unemployed, the number of job openings posted on SDWORKS (South Dakota’s online jobs database), and the number of newly hired workers (new hires) using the most current data available. As this data is not seasonally adjusted, seasonal patterns are evident.

From January 2007 through September 2016, the level of unemployed in South Dakota peaked in the first quarter of 2010 following the recession. The level of job openings continued to decline after the end of the recession was officially announced by the National Board of Economic Research (NBER). However, an upward trend began in January 2010, with the current level of job openings at 12,100 for September 2016. The current level of unemployed is 11,000.

LMI Barometer graph for September 2016 data

Note: The new hires component of this graphic represents the number of new hires as reported by employers each month to the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation's New Hire Reporting Center.

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