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Happy New Year!

Ringing in the new year with South Dakota businesses

As 2013 gives way to 2014 through fireworks, songs, celebrations and a glut of year-in-review lists, let's take a few of the year's remaining minutes to look at some South Dakota industries that contribute to New Year celebrations and activities. The following numbers of employees and establishments are from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW), based on workers covered by unemployment insurance in the state. It excludes self-employed and unpaid family workers. Establishments are privately owned. The data are the annual averages for 2012.

New Year, New You (AKA Resolutions):

Getting in better shape/exercising more:
Fitness and Recreational Sport Centers
Employees: 875
Establishments: 83

Starting a sport:
Sporting Goods Stores
Employees: 1,241
Establishments: 89

Eating healthier/focusing on better nutrition:
Food, health and supplement stores
Employees: 158
Establishments: 35

Starting a new hobby or implementing family game night for more time with family:
Hobby, Toy and Game Stores
Employees: 414
Establishments: 37

Seeking help with addiction
Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers
Employees: 631
Establishments: 29

Paying down debt
Depository credit intermediation (commercial banks, credit unions, savings institutions, etc.)
Employees: 8,200
Establishments: 554

Start saving for the future:
Investment Advice
Employees: 134
Establishments: 80

Cleaning out closets and donating items to consignment and thrift stores
Used Merchandise Stores
Employees: 519
Establishments: 79

Other Activities Related to the New Year:

Watching New Year's Eve celebrations, college football bowl games and year in review specials:
Electronic stores
Employees: 1,246
Establishments: 151

Buying your New Year's Eve outfit:
Clothing Stores (including accessories)
Employees: 1,942
Establishments: 219

Clothing Accessories Stores
Employees: 113
Establishments: 19

Department Stores (except Discount Department Stores)
Employees: 1,397
Establishments: 18

Going out for New Year's Eve:
Full Service Restaurants
Employees: 13,050
Establishments: 672

Drinking Places
Employees: 3,040
Establishments: 391

Motion Picture Theaters (except Drive-Ins)
Employees: 425
Establishments: 24

Bowling Centers
Employees: 423
Establishments: 46

Buying 2014 calendars:
All Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers (includes calendar stores)
Employees: 331
Establishments: 73

Discount Department Stores
Employees: 2,627
Establishments: 36

The U.S. Census Bureau website has more economic-related holiday facts for your perusal.

Happy New Year from the Labor Market Information Center and the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation!

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