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SD Department of Labor Employee Retirement Board

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Retirement Questions

Post-Retirement Questions

Pre-Retirement Questions

Who do I contact to begin the retirement process?

Contact Derek Gustafson (605.773.3095) if you need a benefit quote, retirement packet, or have questions regarding the retirement process. You can also find information in the Retirement Plan.

When do my health and life insurance benefits end once I retire?

Employer paid health and life insurance coverage continues for approximately 30 days after your last day of employment. (For example, if your last paycheck is October 1, employer paid health insurance coverage extends to October 31.)

What are my options for health and life insurance once the employer paid coverage ends?

You have two options.

  1. Continue with the State insurance through the retirement option at your own expense. Health insurance plans and rates for retirees can be found on the South Dakota State Employees Retirement Program website on the Retiree/COBRA page.

  2. Find a private health insurance provider.

How long may I stay on the South Dakota Retiree Health Insurance?

You may continue using South Dakota retiree health Insurance until age 65. At age 65, you will be offered a Medicare supplement plan. Your covered family members can continue with the health plan until your spouse reaches age 65 or your children reach age 26, or, if the child is a full-time student, up to age 29. If you have any questions, please call the Bureau of Human Resources Benefits Program at 605.773.3148.

How long may I stay on the South Dakota Retiree Life Insurance?

You may elect to continue your life insurance coverage, at your own expense, up to age 80.

What are my options for flexible benefits (dental, vision, and medical spending accounts)?

You may elect to continue flexible benefits at your own expense for 18 months after your active insurance coverage ends.

Do South Dakota retiree insurance plans get automatically withdrawn from my retirement benefits?

No. Your retirement benefits are separate from the State’s payment system. You must set up payment through your bank. A direct pay form is available from the Bureau of Human Resources.

Where can I find information about continuing South Dakota benefits after I retire?

Use the links provided below, depending on your particular situation.

Post-Retirement Questions

How do I update my information? (e.g., address, banking accounts, tax withholding information)

Instructions on how to update your information is provided on our Updating Your Information web page.

What happens when a member dies?

When a member dies, Principal Financial Group will receive a notification from Social Security. There are two scenarios:

  1. The benefit ends (member chose Life or Certain Period has passed) or

  2. The benefits go to the chosen beneficiary(s).

Benefit ends: Members get paid on the 1st of each month for that month (i.e., January 1 payment is for the month of January). The month the member dies is paid in full. If payments are made after the month the member dies, Principal will automatically withdraw the amount from the bank account.

How do I find out what retirement choice I made?

You may contact Derek Gustafson (605.773.3095) to find out what retirement plan you chose.

Why is it important for me to provide my current contact information to the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR)?

DLR provides important information and notices to retired members (e.g., notice of board meetings, Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) notifications, elections, etc.).

Who do I contact if I feel I am not receiving the correct benefit amount?

Contact Derek Gustafson (605.773.3095).

Can a member be present at a board meeting?

Yes. The Employee Retirement Board meetings are open to the public.

Are there alternative options to attending board meetings if I cannot physically attend?

Yes. The board meetings are held in Pierre. Additionally, Digital Dakota Network (DDN) sites may be made available in multiple locations throughout the state. The locations are announced in ERB meeting notices.