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Cabinet Secretary

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Blood Spill Regulations

Administration Rule of South Dakota (ARSD) 20:42:04:10.01 requires the blood spill procedure be posted in the first aid kit.

ARSD 20:42:04:05.01 # 8 mandates the following steps must be followed if a blood spill occurs:

  1. Stop service immediately, clean injured area as necessary with an antiseptic solution and cover the wound with sterile bandage as required to prevent further blood exposure. As appropriate, cover with finger guard or disposable latex glove, or cover both hands with gloves if the wound is on the client;
  2. Double bag and dispose of all contaminated tissue, cotton, or other materials;
  3. Before continuing service disinfect all equipment, tools, and implements that have come in contact with blood, clean station with a disinfectant as necessary, and clean hands with antimicrobial cleanser; and
  4. Do not allow containers, brushes, nozzles, or liquid styptic to touch the skin or contact the wound.