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Important Announcements

Notice of Public Hearing

A public hearing will be held in the Appraiser Certification Program Conference Room, 308 South Pierre Street, Pierre, South Dakota, on July 8, 2016 at 10 a.m., to consider the adoption and amendment of proposed Administratie Rules of South Dakota (ARSD) numbered

20:14:05:05.05, 20:14:10:05.01, 20:14:11:01, and 20:14:11:01.01, inclusive

The effect of the rules will be to allow appraisers to submit appraisals for compliance review midway through the experience hours required to upgrade to a higher level of licensure or certification; add midway review upgrade fees; establish allegation of non-compliance as the first step for initiation of an investigation and prior to formal complaint charges; and replace the term anonymous complaint with allegation of non-compliance.

The reason for adopting the proposed rules is to provide a voluntary compliance review of appraisals midway through the experience hours so that deficiencies may be identified and remedied prior to applying for upgrade and to ensure that the appraiser and supervisory appraiser are not disciplined at the midway compliance review if deficiencies are identified; allow for collection of fees from licensees to cover the cost of the midway appraisal compliance review; to first ascertain through an investigation of allegations of non-compliance if there is sufficient evidence for a formal complaint to be entered against a licensee by the secretary; and remove the term "anonymous complaint" and replace with "allegation of non-compliance" and describe the criteria an allegation of non-compliance must meet in order for an investigation to be initiated.

See the proposed rules (Adobe PDF format).

Persons interested in presenting data, opinion, and arguments for or against the proposed rules may do so by appearing in person at the hearing or by sending them to:

Appraiser Certification Program
South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation
308 South Pierre Street
Pierre, South Dakota 57501-3137

Material sent by mail must reach the Department of Labor and Regulation by July 18, 2016 to be considered.

(Note: If the entity promulgating the rules is not a multiperson decision-maker, the agency shall accept written comments for a period of ten days after the hearing.)

After the hearing, the Department will consider all written and oral comments it receives on the proposed rules. The Department may modify or amend a proposed rule at that time to include or exclude matters that are described in this notice.

Notice is further given to individuals with disabilities that this hearing is being held in a physically accessible place. Please notify the Department of Labor and Regulation at least 48 hours before the public hearing if you have special needs for which special arrangements must be made. The telephone number for making special arrangements is 605.773.4608.

Copies of the proposed rules may be obtained without charge from:

South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation
Appraiser Certification Program
308 South Pierre Street
Pierre, South Dakota 57501-3137

Email and Address Changes Must Be Reported

It is important that any email and address changes be reported to the Appraiser Certification Program as timely as possible. For appraisal management companies, the changes are to be reported to our office within five days of the change. For appraisers, it is to be immediately upon any change of residential or business address, along with the email address, if available.

Allied Business Schools, Inc. Discontinues Course Offerings

Effective September 22, 2015, Allied Business Schools, Inc. will no longer be offering qualifying or continuing education course for South Dakota.

Beginning on or before June 1, 2015, appraisal experience must be documented using the new Log form. Instructions for completion are included in the file. (Please note this form is unavailable on the State of South Dakota On-line Forms.)

You may submit the Log that you have completed using the "old" log form for experience claimed prior to June 1, 2015. Only the new Appraisal Experience Log form will be accepted for assignments and experience hours claimed on or after June 1, 2015.

Notice to appraisers about not getting paid from AMCs for services

Changes to Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria

Changes to the Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria effective January 1, 2015 were adopted by The Appraisal Foundation.

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