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Title - South Dakota Appraiser Certification Program


General Application Forms
Supervisory Appraiser Forms
Reciprocity Forms
Temporary Permit
Education Provider Forms
Experience Log

General Application Forms (in Adobe .pdf format*)

Please see the important note below regarding the general application forms.

Application for State-Certified General/Residential, Licensed or Registered Appraiser

Renewal Application for State Certified, Licensed or Registered Appraiser (Valid July through March 31)

Application for Registration as an Appraisal Management Company

Appraisal Experience Log (in Microsoft Excel format) - Complete electronically, print, enter the number of pages, sign, date and mail in.

Application for Resident State-Certified General/Residential or State-Licensed Appraiser Certified or Licensed in Previous State of Domicile

Registration Surety Bond for Appraisal Management Company (in Adobe .pdf format*)

Submission of Documents (required when upgrading to a higher level of certification)

Please carefully review and note all the following information about the general application forms:

  • Forms will not be processed if incomplete or improperly completed. The application must be typed or printed clearly in ink, and must be accompanied by the appropriate fees.
  • The Social Security number of any applicant must be listed on the application pursuant to South Dakota Codified Law (SDCL) 25-7A-56.2.
  • Upon application approval, you must pass a national examination.
  • An application is valid for only 90 days.
  • Note that once you become licensed, you will be required to renew yearly with continuing education required every odd renewal year.

Supervisory Appraiser Forms

Application for Supervisory Appraiser Endorsement

Application to Register Supervisory Appraiser/Supervisor Agreement

Renewal Application for Supervisory Appraiser Endorsement

Reciprocity Forms

Application for Issuance of Appraiser Certificate/License by Reciprocity

Renewal Application for State Certified, Licensed or Registered Appraiser (including those certified/licensed by reciprocity) (Valid July through March 31)

Temporary Permit

Nonresident Appraiser Application for Temporary Practice

Education Provider Form

Course Approval Program Application (as provided by the Appraisal Foundation)

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