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Title - Veterans' Services

Benefits of Hiring a Veteran

Here are 10 reasons to consider hiring a veteran. Does your business need employees with these qualities? Contact a Veterans' Representative at your local South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation office and find a veteran to hire.


The military trains people to accept and discharge responsibility for other people, for activities, for resources and for one's own behavior. This training includes setting an example, giving carefully considered direction, inspiring leadership capabilities in others and continually motivating others.

Ability to Work as a Team Member and as a Team Leader

Almost all military activity is performed with the assistance, coordination and awareness of other persons or other units. Many military personnel serve as team leaders where they have analyzed situations and options, made appropriate decisions, given directions, followed through with a viable plan and accepted responsibility for the outcome.

Ability to Work under Pressure and Meet Deadlines

One characteristic of military service is that service members must perform. They must do their job, do it right the first time and do it in a timely manner. They are continuously setting priorities, meeting schedules and accomplishing their missions.

Ability to Give and Follow Direction

Service members know how to work under supervision and can relate and respond favorably to others. They understand accountability for their actions and for their subordinates' actions. They have learned to respect and accept legitimate authority.


With an honorable discharge, service members are basically certified drug-free.

Security Clearances

Many military personnel have achieved some level of security clearance. This clearance can, at least, demonstrate that an individual is recognized as a trustworthy person.

Planning and Organization

Most military operations require thorough planning and workload management. Carefully considered objectives, strengths and limitations of other people, resources, time schedules, supplies, logistics and various other factors are always considered.

Emphasis on Safety

Service members understand the considerable cost in lives, property and objectives when safety is ignored. Both the control and the emphasis on safety are valued in the civilian work force.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Service members have learned to be flexible and can adapt to meet the constantly changing needs of any situation and mission.


Most service members have at least a General Education Development (GED) and the majority of them have high school diplomas. Nearly 30 percent have a college degree; and many have attended college to further their education.


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