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Covered Workers & Annual Pay - 2010 Annual Summary

Construction Industry Group

Businesses within the Construction industry group erect buildings and other structures, and perform alterations, installation, maintenance and repairs.

South Dakota Covered Workers and Pay
Construction Industry Group
Industry Group, Industry and Subsector
Number of Establishments Average Number of Workers Annual Pay
Construction 3,907 20,111 $38,109
  Construction 3,907 20,111 $38,109
    Construction of Buildings 1,278 5,178 $35,106
    Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction 391 3,365 $47,946
    Specialty Trade Contractors 2,238 11,568 $36,592
Totals may not add due to rounding.
Data subject to revision.
Produced by the Labor Market Information Center, South Dakota Department of Labor, in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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NAICS Sector 23

The Construction industry is comprised of three subsectors: Construction of Buildings (NAICS 236); Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction (NAICS 237); and Specialty Trade Construction (NAICS 238).

The work performed within the Construction of Buildings subsector may include new work, additions, alterations, or maintenance and repairs. The Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction subsector is comprised of establishments whose primary activity is the construction of entire engineering projects (e.g., highways and dams), and specialty trade contractors, whose primary activity is the production of a specific component for such projects. Specialty trade contractors provide such construction services as pouring concrete, preparing work sites, plumbing, painting and electrical work involved in construction, but are not responsible for the entire project. The work performed may include new work, additions, alterations, maintenance and repairs.

Effects of the recession still showed in the Construction industry in 2010 but not to the same degree as the previous year. In fact, losses in the construction were only about half of what they were in 2009. In 2009 losses in the Construction industry totaled 1,413, while in 2010 losses were cut to 731. Worker levels in the Construction Industry fell from 20,842 workers in 2009 to 20,111 workers in 2010. All three subsectors in construction showed decreases.

Although neither the absolute nor percent decline was good news for the South Dakota economy, our percentage loss was much less severe than in other parts of the nation where the recession took a bigger toll on this particular industry. Annual pay for workers in the construction industry basically stayed the same for the industry as a whole, with a $19 increase over the 2009 average for an annual average of $38,109.

All three subsectors showed decreased worker levels in 2010. Construction of Buildings (NAICS 236) lost 417 (7.5 percent) workers during the year, bringing that subsector to a total of 5,178 workers. (Dated published by the U.S. Census Bureau shows new privately owned housing permits in South Dakota dropped from 3,529 in 2009 to only 2,913 in 2010.)

Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction (NAICS 237) fell by 171 workers from 2009 to 2010. The decrease of 171 workers brought the total in this subsector to 3,365 workers. The major emphasis of this decrease can be attributed to the completion of projects in cities around the state replacing aging utility systems such as water and sewer structures (NAICS 2371) with stimulus funds from the federal government which was available in the prior two years.

The third subsector to lose workers in 2010 was Specialty Trade Construction (NAICS 238), by far the largest subsector of the three, which took the smallest hit with a decrease of 143 (1.2 percent) workers; this brought the subsector's employment level to 11,568.

Percentage-wise, annual pay decreased in Building Construction at a greater rate than in Heavy Construction and Special Trades. The annual pay for Building Construction decreased by $484 (7.5percent), while Heavy Construction decreased by $3,953 (4.8 percent), and Special Trades fell by $143 (1.2 percent). Dollar-wise, Heavy Construction lost the most, followed by Construction of Building and Special Trades.

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